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June 19, 2020

Hug Your Babies

Hug your babies. Tight.

Say I Love You. Every time you leave.

Yesterday, a 37-year-old mother and her three beautiful daughters -- all under the age of 6 -- were killed in a senseless car accident in the middle of the day. I did not know her or her family but I'm distraught; it could have been any of us.

I couldn't sleep last night; I was up thinking of this family, and how in a blink, her life, and the lives of her innocent babies were robbed. Her husband, left widowed and childless, only a few days before Father's Day. I've known many people who have lost loved ones suddenly; none of the situations is fair. The loss of three little girls though is gut-wrenching.

And the 20-year-old driver? There is not a punishment that this POS (and yes, that's what he is for wiping out a family in the middle of the day) will get that will ever make it right. He was also allegedly driving on a prohibited licence; let's wait for toxicology reports.

Our roads are not safe; in fact, I hate driving on them. I've personally called my local councillor and government to stop speeding in my own community. Sadly, there's rarely any action. Until it's too late. And I have zero sympathies for anyone who drives drunk or intoxicated or purposely speeding for some ridiculous thrill. Slow the F down.

Every time I drive by the accident scene where the Neville-Lake children died a few years ago, I think of them, and now, I'll do the same if I'm ever in Brampton, where these precious lives were taken.

Hug your babies. And if you pray, say a prayer for this family.

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