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July 24, 2019

Moms, Put On The Swimsuit

The other day I posted a video of myself in a swimsuit, raving about said swimsuit, on my IG stories. Within minutes, I received quite a few DMs -- people asking about sizing and how to order, but predominately, I received a bunch of messages congratulating me for stepping out of my "comfort zone" and posting a video of myself in a bathing suit.

It's all good -- all the comments were supportive and even triumphant; I was called brave, bold, courageous. I received messages like "good for you!", celebrating my approach.

Let me be absolute transparent -- I'm not always so confident or unapologetic -- but I'm trying to be. See, I have two young girls who are smart little sponges who absorb not only everything I put out but what I consume, too. So I'm putting myself out there, and not hiding as much. 

Because why do we need to hide? Why is wearing a bathing suit brave or bold? Why are we indirectly continuing to perpetuate messages of ideal beauty and body to our kids by covering up or not putting on a suit at all? 

For the moms and women who confided that they couldn't wear a bathing suit, let alone post a bathing suit photo, I get it -- but I'm going to ask you to give it a shot. Put on the bathing suit. Buy a sexy one, even. Smile. Why not? 

And since I'm being extra vulnerable and honest -- spoiler alert: I don't always like how every outfit looks or fits me. Far from it. But that just means the clothing's not right -- it has nothing to do with the person in it.

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