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May 07, 2020

Last Minute Mother's Day Crafts You Can Do Before the Weekend

Mother's Day is this weekend, and it will likely be an odd one -- social distancing, driveway visits and online parties. But in addition to supporting local retailers who may be offering curbside pick up or deliveries, there are lots of ways you and your kids can surprise the mom in your life (or grandma) with a heartfelt, homemade gift. 

I'm sharing some of my favourites that I've made over the years with my kids:

Potted Herbs: 

This one is incredibly easy, given the time of year and the fact that garden centres will be open before the weekend. Get your kids to paint some clay pots. We used chalk paint. Add your mom's favourite herbs and boom! A practical gift mom will love

Marbled Coasters/Jewellery Trays:  

I love just about anything marbled, and while this wasn't a craft we did for Mother's Day, it is one I think mom will love. Don't have coasters? Try a side dish and turn it into a jewellery tray. 

Custom Tea Towels: 

The moms and nonnas loved this craft. You'll need to hit up a dollar or craft store, and luckily, many are doing curbside pick up. Have your children draw a picture, transfer to iron sheets and make it into a custom creation. 

What's has been your favourite homemade Mother's Day gift?

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